The Advanced Diagnostics Fonar Standup Open MRI Advantage In the Battle Against COVID-19

CDC guidelines visit

Brief summary as CDC guidelines apply to Medical Facility visits:

Social distance 6 feet apart from others as COVID-19 is thought to spread through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs, sneezes or talks.

Everyone should wear a cloth facemask not so much to protect themselves from others, but to protect others from themselves, as some recent studies have suggested that COVID-19 may be spread by people who are not showing symptoms.

What we do at Advanced Diagnostics with the CDC recommendations:

We clean and disinfect commonly touched surfaces daily with diluted household bleach, strong ammonium containing products, hydrogen peroxide, and/or gels & liquids containing alcohol at 60% or higher concentrations.

Our medical personnel wear gloves with patients, change gloves between patients, wash hands between glove changes, avoid touching unnecessary surfaces for any reason with or without gloves.

Our medical personnel wear recommended face masks.

Our medical personnel turn their heads away from patients if and when they come closer to patients than 6 feet, when caring for the patients. Patients are encouraged to turn their heads away as well.

Our medical personnel clean all surfaces and areas where patients have been with sterilizing solutions as recommended by the CDC.

Our medical personnel wear surgical scrubs that are washable.

How Advanced Diagnostics MRIs differ from ALL the rest:

Our Fonar scanners are the only MRIs in the world where patients can sit or stand and watch TV while breathing out of the machine. Even in the few cases where a patient needs to lie down, there is no plate or tube in front of them where they would breathe onto or breathe in from the surface where another patient would have breathed.

Our MRIs are easy to clean by anyone. Our technicians clean all surfaces of our MRIs without exposing themselves to any surfaces or crawling into any tight spaces whatsoever. We challenge any other MRI to show that they are easier to clean!

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The Advanced Diagnostics reduced exposure protocol:

We call all patients several times prior to their appointments to triple check if they are still unexposed to COVID-19 by asking if they’ve traveled, have a cough, have a fever, or have been close to someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 in the recent past.

Our new system, Exa™ by Konica Minolta, allows our doctors and our patients to remotely complete their registrations and get their results from the comfort of their offices and homes. Time in our waiting room can be a fast as 10 minutes when all registration information has been uploaded in advance via this HIPAA-protected portal. We contact patients in advance of their visits if any information is missing from EXA, so that less touching and time is spent in our offices.

With Exa™, CDs are not necessary, removing one more item from being touched and being handled.

We are transparent and ready to serve our patients with the highest level of safety available anywhere!

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