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There are three major reasons why you will benefit from Philadelphia's only Upright™ MRI system:

  • You and your doctor will receive more accurate diagnoses because you will stand, sit, or take the position that most accurately represents your symptoms. For instance, if your lower back pain is less severe when you are lying down, it makes sense to perform the MRI standing up or sitting – it more accurately reflects the physical conditions that produce your discomfort, and thus makes for a more accurate diagnosis of your condition. This same principle applies to a variety of ailments requiring MRI for a proper diagnosis.
  • There is no tunnel, as found in a conventional MRI machine. (Even the other so-called “open” MRIs feel like tunnels with immovable plates in your face.) No tunnel means less anxiety if you dislike confined spaces. Ideal for the plus-sized, too.
  • The advanced technology of Upright™ MRI means less noise than a conventional MRI. In fact, you can even watch a cable station or your own DVD on our large-screen TV during your MRI.

The advantages are clear. Come see for yourself why Advanced Diagnostics is the MRI of choice for patients and their doctors.


Very interesting and easy sitting up rather than lying down. Watching TV is great.

Robert G.

I was a little apprehensive because I’m so claustrophobic. But it was very relaxing and gratifying to know there is a MRI machine that people like me can handle without any fear.

Jean P.

There was nothing unpleasant at all – a huge relief after attempting the traditional MRI. It was a very comfortable atmosphere – un-hospital like.

Liz H.

Very accommodating. Professional, yet personal. I would recommend Advanced Diagnostics to others.

Louise A.

Great Experience. So much easier than other MRI’s. Very relaxing.

Mary A.

Everyone was very helpful. Everyone was very thorough and professional.

Patricia S.

From the moment I came in, the customer service was exceptional! They really understood my pain and treated me with patience and kindness. I will absolutely return for future MRI’s.

Valerie H.

I didn’t think that I could sit there. The staff was great. The Stand-Up MRI is so much easier. Thank you.

Lynne C.

Great Experience, I am extremely claustrophobic and this was EASY!

Mark C.

After having two MRIs in a month, we are so impressed and have told others of our excellent experience. Your staff is particularly sensitive to patients’ needs!!

Stephen D.

Both the reception staff and the MRI technolist were, at all times, professional, accommodating, and above all, friendly and efficient. I was also impressed with the calm and pleasant atmosphere within the facility.