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When Diagnosing, you consider every angle.
Shouldn’t the MRI you prescribe do the same?

Your patients will thank you!

Imaging In Any Position

With our new vertical magnets, open architecture, movable tilt table, and field enhancement coils, your patients can now be scanned in countless positions. Since many anatomical and morphological abnormalities associated with diseases, injuries, and accidents are only present when the body is stressed, you can finally evaluate the soft tissues suspected of injury in your patients while they assume dynamic and functional positions with this exciting new technology! In other words, this is the first functional capacity MRI. In fact, preliminary studies have revealed from 15% to 85% more pathological findings on Upright™ MRI comparisons between the same subjects lying recumbent and assuming positions of function and/or weight-bearing. No other MRI machine — closed or open — can provide you with this essential information. For the diagnosis of conditions associated with impairment of bodily function the Upright™ MRI is the Gold Standard.

More Accurate Results

Our new Upright™ MRI not only allows a patient to undergo a comprehensive examination of any body part comfortably but it does so with greater image quality than all other open MRI machines and most closed MRI machines. With the advancement of the field enhancement coils and many other proprietary devices and processes, the new Upright™ MRI has reduced “noise” so dramatically that our images often surpass the images of closed (high-field) MRI machines in detail and quality. As a result, you can confidently refer all your patients to Advanced Diagnostics for improved reliability in reaching diagnoses affecting all soft tissues: brain, spine, chest, abdomen, pelvis, weight-bearing joints, hands, and feet. Our radiologists are board certified, experienced in interpreting and comparing all types of MRIs, and available to discuss any findings with you.

Clearly Ahead In Patient Comfort

Do you know traditional MRI’s are not designed for patient comfort. Many patients have had unpleasant experiences and refuse to go through an MRI a second time. With our Upright™ MRI there is no plate or obstruction in your patient’s face. Thus, the problem of claustrophobia – and noncompliance – has been eradicated almost entirely. Patients can relax and watch a large screen TV during their MRI. Upright™ MRI is ideal for the anxious or obese patient. Patients are positioned as needed to achieve maximum imaging clarity for a given condition using a “walk-in” platform and an elevator. Upright™ MRI is available in the Philadelphia area only at Advanced Diagnostics. When you select Advanced Diagnostics for your patients, they will appreciate the comfort of “tunnel-free,” truly open MRI, and the care and dedication of our experienced staff. “Our motto is: The patient comes first.” They will actually enjoy their experience at Advanced Diagnostics.

Advanced Diagnostics’ Distinctive Advantages Include:

  • Upright™ Open Architecture
  • Proven 0.6 Tesla performance
  • Scan patients in multiple weight bearing positions
  • Scan patients in position of pain
  • Unprecedented patient comfort

Advanced Diagnostics Locations

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