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Since many symptoms of accidents and injuries are most apparent when a person is standing, or in countless other positions (including those shown on this site), why rely on MRI images from a recumbent MRI unit for evidence-gathering that only images a person who is lying flat? Your legal team (including involved physicians) will receive more accurate readings from Magnetic Resonance Imaging if it duplicates the patient’s position of discomfort. That’s one difference between Advanced Diagnostics’ Upright™ MRI and an ordinary “tunnel” MRI, or even a so-called “open” MRI.

More Relevant Results

With the Upright™ MRI available in Philadelphia only at Advanced Diagnostics, being able to scan a patient in symptomatic positions in order to mirror symptoms is one key to better images — and more reliable evidence. Your medical experts will be able to easily assess relatedness based upon the functionally relevant findings only available through Upright™ MRI.