GE High Field MRI

In certain challenging situations, it may be preferable to have your MRI in a High Field MRI.  Advanced Diagnostics’ GE Signa HDx 1.5T MRI delivers High Definition imaging to meet the most challenging medical need, in less time, with more comfort.

This superbly advanced HD MRI technology is offered only by Advanced Diagnostics among freestanding MRI centers in the Greater Philadelphia Area.

MRI examinations that have been challenging are now a matter of routine for the GE Signa HDx 1.5 T imaging system from GE Healthcare.  The Signa HDx system reduces imaging time as it enhances results.  It is ideal for patients who may be apprehensive about MRI since it is more accessible, quieter and faster than conventional MRI.

The GE Signa HDx 1.5T provides a series of clinical applications that produce high-resolution magnetic resonance images in situations that have traditionally been very challenging.  These include:

  • PROPELLER, for enhancing brain imaging.
  • PROPELLER DWI, for enhanced stroke imaging.
  • TRICKS-XV, for MR angiography (circulatory system) with high spatial detail and dynamic flow.
  • VIBRANT XV, for uncompromised imaging of both breasts in one visit.
  • LAVA XV, for high resolution, multi-phase imaging of the liver and abdomen.
  • CartiGram, for non-invasive assessment of articular (joint) cartilage.
  • Brain scans with diffusion to assist in diagnosis, treatment and monitering.

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